Cheap Direct Mail

Cheap Direct Mail

Cheap Direct Mail is a redundant statement, because when combined with a clean and targeted mailing list, direct mail can be the least expensive mass marketing tool available. But when you generate success at a low cost, you create an opportunity for tremendous campaign profitability at the same time. So the “cheap” in cheap direct mail really only has application to the inexpensive nature of its marketing cost. Inexpensive direct mail is a far more accurate term. However, any marketing method is nothing but an expense unless it is successful. Due to its low cost, direct mail is a popular marketing method and with more than 40 years of experience, Exec-U-Mail Direct is well equipped to assist and ensure your direct mail campaign success.

Exec-U-Mail Direct is a full service direct mail company. So whether you only need a single marketing campaign component, or an entire suite of services, Exec-U-Mail Direct is ready and equipped to provide for your cheap direct mail needs and desires. Services range from list identification and acquisition to delivery or piece design, from production to fulfillment and anything in between. Come to us with a plan, a goal, or just an idea. We’ll help you to be successful and at the right price.

Maximizing and monetizing cheap direct mail is a specialty at Exec-U-Mail Direct. Whether your target market is business owners, area residents, or new homeowners over the age of forty, clean and qualified lists are a prerequisite to success and Exec-U-Mail Direct is well-prepared to assist you at; identifying and acquiring an appropriate mailing list, designing and producing the mail piece, mailing to the target audience and fulfilling respondents.

Click here to identify campaign components and get a price quote for your cheap direct mail campaign parameters. Or if you’d prefer speaking with a live person, then please feel free to call us directly at (310) 641-2300. We look forward to speaking with and assisting you with your direct mail campaign.

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