Creative Direct Mail

Creative Direct Mail

Creative Direct Mail can be the most important component of your direct mail campaign. And with more than forty years of experience, Exec-U-Mail Direct is best equipped to assist you with the design and production of your all-important direct mail campaign. Whether the goal of your campaign is to blend in or stand out, creative direct mail design is both essential and critical to the accomplishment of your marketing campaign goals.

Creative Direct Mail is regularly used for the purpose of generating store traffic, obtaining sales leads, and reinforcing existing forms of advertising. Working with Exec-U-Mail Direct ensures that your message get noticed and be effective. We will make sure that you never lose sight of your main goal, whether it is to address an issue, attract attention, answer a concern, or anything required for a specific purpose. Simple, uncluttered, and to the point is a good general recipe for success.

In order to get started, identify your target audience, the number of recipients that you want to reach, and your special offer. The size of a mail piece affects printing, mailing, and postage costs, so starting with a budget amount and backing out expenses is a good way to begin the creative process, in order to determine what can be accomplished. Creative direct mail campaigns can be as simple as a targeted postcard, or as elaborate as a multi-drop, broad-based, multi-insert, variable data, embossed and die-cut mail piece.

If you know the parameters of your campaign, you can visit our website by clicking here: and input specific information that will generate an immediate campaign quote. If you have any questions, or would simply prefer to speak with us directly, then please feel free to call us at (310) 641-2300. We look forward to working with you on a successful creative direct mail campaign.

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