Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns offer one of the least expensive and highly targetable methods of getting a message out. Whether your goal is to generate sales leads, draw attention to a particular point of view, or get new customers into your store, well constructed direct mail campaigns have a high degree of success and with more than forty years of business behind us, Exec-U-Mail Direct is ready to help you add to that track record.

Direct mail campaigns can be as simple and inexpensive as an offer delivered via a postcard to a general audience, or as elaborate as delivery to a laser fine-tuned audience, via a multiple drop, variable data, embossed and die cut, first class brochure tabbed shut with business reply and fulfillment. Your direct mail campaign’s reach is only limited by your available target market and the campaign’s creativity is only limited by your imagination, post office rules, and/or your budget. But regardless, we’re experts at maximizing your results.

Whether you’re an experienced direct mailer or just thinking about getting started, we’d like give you access to a handy and useful direct mail guide, called Direct Mail Made Easy, written by Jane Franz, and posted here: It’s a great place to start if you’d really like to get clear on basic ground rules for creating a successful direct mail campaign.

Direct mail campaigns are the center of our world at Exec-U-Mail and we do everything possible to make sure that your all-important direct mail campaign is on time, on budget, and successful. If you know your campaign parameters and would like an immediate price quote, simply click here: and answer a few campaign questions. Otherwise, pick up the phone and call us direct at (310) 641-2300. We look forward to helping you make your next direct mail campaign a complete success.

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