Direct Mail Design

Direct Mail Design

Direct mail design is a necessary and critical component to a successful direct mail campaign. With forty years of experience providing full service in design, production, mailing and fulfillment, Exec-U-Mail Direct is uniquely poised to assist you at any or all stages and to ensure successful results. But direct mail design is the single most important step to making your piece and its message stand out or blend in, depending on your ultimate campaign purpose, whether it is to sell, inform, or otherwise affect the target audience.

Once you’ve created a budget, identified the target audience, and identified the thrust of your message, you’re ready to consider direct mail design options. But regardless of whether you’re an experienced mailer or a brand new marketer considering options, Exec-U-Mail Direct would like to make available to you a useful guide called “Direct Mail Made Easy!” written by Jane Franz. Click here to review the guide:

Direct mail design is responsible for presenting your message. But the design only clarifies or enhances the message and working with Exec-U-Mail Direct ensures that your message and its presentation will accomplish your general campaign goals of creating an informative and/or motivational message, presenting it in an attractive way, and doing so on time and on budget. Direct mail design options for your campaign can be as simple as an attractive postcard or as elaborate as a personalized and embossed, multi-insert letter.

If you already have an idea of campaign parameters and would like to get an immediate cost quote, then simply click here: and input the requested campaign information. However, if you’d prefer to speak with a human being and ask your questions directly, then pick up the phone and give us a call at (310) 641-2300. We look forward to assisting you with your direct mail design and/or any aspect of your direct mail campaign.

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