Direct Mail Fulfillment

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Direct Mail Fulfillment is the final stage of a successful direct mail campaign and it’s no time to get it wrong. Exec-U-Mail Direct is well equipped to assist you with any direct mail fulfillment needs. We can assemble items, pack into boxes and ship on your behalf. We will insert single or multiple items into boxes that are provided or we will assemble the boxes from flats that are provided. We will apply shipping labels provided or print and apply shipping labels from a file provided.

Exec-U-Mail Direct has more than forty years of experience with direct mail marketing success and is prepared to assist you at any stage, or with any stage(s) of your campaign, whether the stage is list determination or acquisition, design, production, mailing or fulfillment.

Whether you are a seasoned direct mailer, new to direct mail, or just looking into the possibilities presented for information delivery, lead generation, or direct traffic possibilities by direct mail, Exec-U-Mail Direct wants to give you an informative guide called “Direct Mail Made Easy!” It was written by Jane Franz and provides valuable information and tips on avoiding pitfalls when navigating the rushing waters of direct mail marketing. Simply click here:

If you are interested in direct mail fulfillment services, have all the campaign parameters, and would like an immediate price quote, then click here: and fill in the requested information. If you would like information or a quote on any other stage(s) of your campaign, then visit our website by clicking here: Or if you would simply like to discuss any aspect of your campaign with a live and knowledgeable person, then simply pick up the phone and give us a call at (310) 641-2300. We look forward to assisting you with your direct mail fulfillment or any other aspect(s) of your campaign.

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