Direct Mailing Postcards

Direct Mailing Postcards

Direct mailing postcards might be one of the easiest, least expensive, and potentially profitable advertising methods available today. And to ensure success with your direct mail campaign, it makes sense to work with the pros at Exec-U-Mail Direct. With more than forty years of experience helping business owners just like you, Exec-U-Mail Direct has the knowledge, staff, and equipment to do the job right. Because even direct mailing postcards can be expensive, if any campaign components are weak, causing the campaign to be unsuccessful.

Exec-U-Mail Direct is your full service, one-stop shop for direct mailing postcards. Every component in direct mail is critical, so whether you have questions about list selection, design, production, mailing, or fulfillment, get them answered before you make the investment. And whether you’re a seasoned postcard veteran, venturing out for the first time, or just considering the possibilities of direct mailing postcards, we’d like to give you access to an informative free guide, called “Direct Mail Made Easy!” Click here:

The process for direct mailing postcards is quite simple. First, determine a motivational offer. Next, create an eye catching and/or thought provoking appearance. Produce the postcard and be sure to select a list that targets your market precisely. When direct mailing postcards, the greatest amount of money to be saved is determined by proper list selection, so choose wisely. More money spent reaching the right people, results in greater profitability for your campaign.

If you already know your campaign parameters for direct mailing postcards and would like to get pricing information, click here: If you would prefer to speak about your campaign with a knowledgeable member of our staff, the please call (310) 641-2300. We look forward to helping you have great success direct mailing postcards.

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