Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail is a United States Postal Service delivery program that enables a direct mailer to send a direct mail piece to every door on a particular postal route. With more than forty years of direct mail experience, Exec-U-Mail Direct is fully trained to help you take complete advantage of the unique opportunities made available by this program. Mail pieces meeting Every Door Direct Mail requirements can be mailed to every residence on a route, or every residence plus every business on the route, but not only every business.

Exec-U-Mail Direct can help you select your target area, delivery count, and drop date. Every Door Direct Mail pieces have a range of requirements, so mail piece design and delivery to the post office are important considerations. For example, a maximum of 5,000 pieces can be dropped daily within a single zip code. So if you have any doubts or simply a lack of time to learn all the requirements, Exec-U-Mail Direct is here to assist with every detail of your Every Door Direct Mail campaign planning.

Whether you are a seasoned direct mail professional, relatively new to direct mail, or are just considering the possibilities of a direct mail venture via an Every Door Direct Mail campaign, Exec-U-Mail Direct has the knowledge, experience, and personnel to bring your ideas to a successful result.

Come to us with a plan, a goal, or even just a budget. We’ll help you to identify and evaluate all of the elements necessary for an effective Every Door Direct Mail campaign. Our website can provide a great deal of information regarding direct mail campaigns by clicking here: http://www.execumaildirect.com/ But in order to get all of your questions answered, we recommend that you call and speak with an experienced professional at (310) 641-2300. We look forward to assisting you with a successful Every Door Direct Mail campaign.

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