Mailing lists

Business Database
Our Business Lists include over 18 million individual company names and addresses and more than 15 million senior and middle-management executives by title.

Consumer Database
The Consumer List is a comprehensive national consumer list providing over 111 million households and more than 176 million individuals. The file is completely rebuilt every two months with interim monthly phone refreshes and suppressions. Compiled from multiple sources including county recorder, county tax assessor files, other compiled lists and telephone directories. The most accurate, comprehensive prospect data available for marketing today.

Real Property Database
This file is a comprehensive, real property list sourced from the county recorder and assessor records designed to help you target prospects that own real estate. It is built on a bi-monthly basis and comprised of more than 45 million U.S. households. While maintaining compliance with State Attorney General Do Not Call files is the responsibility of each Telemarketing organization, to assist our customers in meeting these state requirements we apply SAG Do Not Call file suppressions on a monthly basis. These updates are typically applied on to the file by the 1st day of each month. Because of the wide variety and growing complexity of schedules and regulations involved with state Do Not Call files, it is incumbent on each company to take whatever additional steps are necessary to ensure they are compliant at the time their telemarketing campaigns are implemented.

Bankruptcy List
When a consumer has recently filed for bankruptcy, the most important next step is to re-establish their credit.  Offers for secured credit cards, auto, and other products can give them the opportunity to get "back on their feet" after such an unfortunate event.  These  consumers have a need to be credit worthy again and very responsive.

New Borrowers
Our 6 month New Refi/Equity Borrowers file contains the most up-to-date real property information directly from U.S. County Recorder's offices. Because we update the file weekly, you're sure to get the freshest data available. Since New Borrowers have just gained a substantial amount of buying power, they make a great target for marketers of home improvements, appliances, furniture and more.

New Homeowner Weekly
Since 1981, HomeData has provided the direct marketing industry with the most accurate new homeowner information available, in the most timely manner. Join the multitude of mailers and telemarketers who have entrusted HomeData to fulfill their data needs.

New Homeowners
Our 6 month New Homeowners file contains the most up-to-date real property information directly from U.S. County Recorder's offices. Because we update the file on a weekly basis, you're sure to get the freshest data available. People in this segment are very desirable because they demonstrate stability as well as purchasing power. New homeowners establish new buying patterns and service relationships to reflect their priorities. New Movers Monthly Our six-month New Mover database is rebuilt/refreshed on a monthly basis. At that time the majority of our new records are added and records appearing on the base for more than six months are deleted. General release of the file is scheduled for the 4th Friday of each month and is available the following Monday. NOTE: New phone numbers are added the week AFTER the monthly rebuild.

New Movers Weekly
New Movers Weekly

The Pre-Mover database is comprised of consumers who currently have listed their home for sale. The ability to identify households before they move is immensely valuable to marketers for selling products and services. The buying and selling of a home begins a series of critical, valuable and educated buying decisions by the consumer. Utilize this data to maximize ROI as you find households during the critical “eager-to-buy” phase before and during the move.