List exporting

List Processing Disclaimer
Exec-U-Mail Direct is not responsible to verify that the data in your list is accurate and properly formatted for mailing. Our list preparation process will standardize address formats, but will not create mailable addresses from incomplete or improperly formatted information, nor will it correct format errors.Incorrect addresses will NOT be included in the mailing.

Acceptable List Formats
When submitting your mailing list, we will review it for basic format, and to ensure it can be processed by our system.

[ Lists not meeting our specifications may incur additional costs and delays. ]

To expedite your order, we prefer lists to be submitted as PC based Excel file. However, we do accept PC and MAC files, they must be saved or exported in one of the following extensions: .txt, .ascII, .asc, .csv, tab, or .dbf (dbfIII). If you submit your list in a different format, it may need to be converted which could result in processing delays and additional costs.

Extensions are simply the types of files you save (example: mailinglist.xls or mailinglist.csv...). You can save list files from a number of different programs for the PC such as Excel, ACT, Microsoft Works, QuickBooks, Filemaker Pro, Label Maker Pro, and Outlook. You can also save list files from a number of different programs for the Mac such as Microsoft Excel, ACT, Filemaker Pro.

Below are the most common extensions used for mailing lists:
 " .ASC - ASCII text file.
 " .CSV - Comma delimited.
 " .DBF - Database File - dBASE.
 " .TXT - ASCII text file.

Digital Formats

  • Tab-delimited
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values, also called "Comma-delimited")
  • MS Excel (Multiple worksheets within a single file will be processed as separate lists)

Note: To see if your file is one of these types, check the file name, and look at the 3-letter extension at the end of the name. Files that say .txt, .tab, .csv, .asc, .dbf, .xls are acceptable formats. However; this does not guarantee that your list is usable.

Mailing Labels (Avery and Cheshire)
While we can apply your labels instead of ink jet addressing, we will not be able to apply postal barcodes to your mail, therefore no presort discounts are available. Your cost for the mailing will be the full First Class postage, plus a Mailing Services fee and a per piece charge to apply the labels. Contact customer service for details and a cost estimate.

Organizing Your Database
Your database should be set up so that each record is contained in its own row. The individual elements of each record should be contained within separate fields in the same row. We do not accept lists containing addresses that are separated into multiple rows. This includes lists in mailing label format. All data for each record must be contained within the same row in a database.

Good : All address information in different cells in the same row.
Good : All address information in different cells in the same row.

Bad : Address information separated into multiple rows.
Bad: Address information separated into multiple rows.

Organizing Your Records
The fields below will be ink jetted in order displayed. Maximum of 50 characters per line, including spaces, punctuation, etc.

  1. Name (Optional): Addressee information on the finished card may be submitted as either 1 field titled "Name", or as a combination of any of the following 5 fields, provided that the total number of characters when combined does not exceed 50:

  2. a. Sal Salutation - "Mr", "Mrs", "Dr", "Lt", etc.

    b. First First Name

    c. Middle Middle Name

    d. Last Last Name

    e. Suff Degree - "Jr", "Sr", "III", "PhD", "MD", etc

    (If separate fields are used, they will be combined in the above order)

  3. Title (Optional): Professional title ("President", "Sales Manager", "Marketing Director", etc,)
  4. Company (Optional): Company name
  5. Department (Optional): Department name ("Sales", "Customer Care", etc.)
  6. Address (Required): Deliverable address
  7. Address2 (Optional): Second line of address (Suite#, Apt#, etc.)
  8. City (Required): City
  9. State (Required): State
  10. Zip (Required): Zip code (either 5 digit or 9 digit)
  11. Country (Required if mailing outside US): Full name of country

Note: All lists will be processed and ink jetted using fields listed above. Additional information (i.e. customer codes, promotional codes) will only be ink jetted if explicitly requested.

Address Standardization
Addresses will be automatically standardized according to USPS guidelines:
  • All information will be capitalized ("Chad Smith" will become "CHAD SMITH").
  • Punctuation will be removed from all fields ("MR. CHAD SMITH, JR." will become "MR CHAD SMITH JR").
  • Abbreviations will be substituted where applicable ("STREET" will be changed to "ST", "AVENUE" to "AVE", etc.).  
International / Canadian Address
If possible, these records should be sent in a separate data file or have separate fields for the Province, Zip Code and Country fields. If these records are included in your domestic U.S. list, make certain that you do not have international postal or zip codes in the field designated for the US zip code or state. We are unable to verify foreign addresses and all address data provided will be ink jetted as supplied.
International/Canadian mailings are priced separately. Contact customer service for details and a cost estimate.

Duplicate Removal
Duplicate removal (deduping) is an automated process that removes duplicates from a mailing list based on several criteria. The process is dependant upon several variables, and cannot be made 100% accurate. See below for further details.

The options for removing duplicates from your mailing list are as follows:
  • Dedupe by Name and Address (default) - Unless otherwise specified, all lists submitted for processing will have duplicates removed using this process. Fields containing name and address info will be compared. Only records that contain duplicate name AND duplicate address info will be removed.

    Note: The deduping process looks for EXACT matches. If there is any variation between the names or addresses of two records, the duplicate will not be removed. For example:

  •   Will not be deduped (Last names do not match):
    John Smith
    123 Main St
    Anaheim CA 92801
    John Smyth
    123 Main St
    Anaheim CA 92801
    Will not be deduped (Address field does not match):
    John Smith 123 Main St Anaheim CA 92801
    John Smith 124 Main St Anaheim CA 92801

  • Dedupe by Address Only - Address field will be compared with all other records in the database. Only the first record will be kept.

  • Do not Dedupe - List will be processed as-is, no records will be removed.