Track N Trace

Intelligent mailpiece delivery tracking, for more effective mailings.

From the power to identify weak links in the delivery chain to the ability to predict mailstream patterns for future jobs, the information revealed by mailpiece tracking can improve your business—and the more specific your data, the better. Track N Trace uses state-of-the-art USPS barcode technology to ensure the most comprehensive and up-to-date delivery details will be at your fingertips when you need them.

The Intelligent Mail barcode at the heart of the OneCode Confirm® service allows deeper mailing penetration than PLANET Code™ based Confirm™ tracking: by assigning a unique ID to each mailpiece, you can form real conclusions—not just assumptions—about the delivery of your jobs.

A powerful reporting function allows you to conveniently check up on the mailstream progress of any job. A wide variety of download formats for your Track N Trace reports provides maximum presentation flexibility.

Using the Track N Trace service option to enhance your mailings couldn’t be easier. And with the Intelligent Mail barcode looming as an inevitable element in automation-compatible mailings, taking early advantage of its cutting-edge power gives you an important jump on the competition.