Variable data printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP):

Variable data printing is a form of on demand printing in which all the documents in a print run are similar but not identical. For example, if you are printing personalized letters to be mailed to your customers, each document probably has the same basic layout, but there is a different customer name and address on each letter. When you use your word-processing software to do a mail merge, you are doing a simple form of variable-data printing. These days, variable-data printing can go far beyond printing different names and addresses on a document. There are systems that let you insert different graphics into a document, change the layout and/or the number of pages, print a unique bar code on each document, use color extensively. . .and more. Variable data printing can be used to print labels on retail products or to print insurance policies benefit booklets for big insurance companies. Variable data printing is known by several other names like personalized printing, customized printing, database printing or one-to-one printing.

The power of Variable Data Printing

Until recently, designing and producing customized messages was a time and cost prohibitive task. Developments in key areas of the publishing market, however, are converging to make personalized communications a reality. The ubiquity of databases, proliferation of dynamic authoring and publishing tools, and availability of versatile workflows and high-quality digital output systems all combine to make Variable Data Printing (VDP) more automated, economical, and accessible than ever.

Also known as data-driven, targeted, or one-to-one marketing, VDP has emerged as a key enabling technology that automates the production of unique, relevant communications that resonate with recipients and motivate them to take action. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales, or secure customer loyalty, VDP is being leveraged by a growing number of communications professionals to achieve unprecedented results.

VDP is also known as:

  • Customization
  • One-to-one marketing
  • Personalized publishing
  • Variable information printing

VDP applications

Where are VDP solutions being applied successfully today? The flexibility and scalability of VDP yields a broad set of applications, from basic data merge for business correspondence to highly complex, customized promotional pieces with recipients ranging from one to one million.

  • Business correspondence

    Business correspondence incorporates name, address, and simple product information to produce a unique piece for each recipient.
  • Simple one-to-one marketing

    Simple one-to-one marketing incorporates some graphical elements and variable text that are included based on a simple set of rules to produce a unique composition that is customized for each recipient.
  • Custom publications

    Custom publications are business applications that enable a customer to drive specific content into an existing template for immediate publishing or for inclusion in a newsletter or periodical.
  • Multichannel marketing campaigns

    Multichannel campaigns incorporate completely unique text, images, and graphics for each recipient based on rules that make decisions on demographics, purchasing history, or other predictive methods to enhance relevance to the recipient. They then publish through a combination of print, web, and e-mail.
  • TransPromo 

    TransPromo combines targeted and graphically rich promotional or sales information with transactional documents (bills, statements, portfolios, invoices).